About BBP 


Brooklyn Brothers Pizza is not a fancy place.  There are no table clothes, no low lighting, no waiters or waitress'.

We are creating the old school New York pizza place vibe that we grew up with. 

We love a slice on a paper plates with or a napkin and some deli style wax paper wrap. 

We live for the friendly banter and the music. The Boss vs. Billy Joel / Jersey vs. Long island rivalry.

The Mets and the Yankees... The Giants and the Jets...The Odd Couple, Columbo , Mike Douglas...Archie and Edith and Ralph and Alice. 

The 70’s custom van... 57 cent  gas and a rotary dial phone on the wall in the kitchen.. 

The Schwinn Stingray, Stickball,  Nok Hockey,  Saturday Night Fever and a couple of regular slices OR a big fat meatball parmesan hero! 

We are committed to serving up food that IS a totally legit representation of what we ate back then. 

So, we invite you to the old neighborhood via the Brooklyn Brothers time machine. 
Hope to see you soon.


* Pizzas : We make real New York Street Pizza. Try a regular slice then decide what toppings to put on your pie. We’ve got some specialty pies that are “to die for “ and A Gluten Free option if you so desire.


* Sangwiches : For a true taste of Brooklyn past.. check out Michaels Meatball Hero (it’s Ma’s recipe). 


* Dessert : Make sure you leave room for The Brooklyn Brothers “BIGAZYAHEAD” chocolate chip cookie or Our Famous Holy Cannoli!